About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1999, Mindlance is a certified diversity business (MBE) and has been ranked one of the fastest growing U.S staffing firms by SIA for nine consecutive years.

We have also been consistently recognized as one of the best performing partners to industry leading MSP programs including Kelly, Tapfin, ProUnlimited, Pontoon, GRI, WorkforceLogiq and Agile 1. As a recruitment centric talent acquisition company, Mindlance provides Technology, Engineering, Digital / Creative / Marketing, Clinical Research, Scientific, Finance, Professional and Payroll Management staffing services to Global 1000 companies across the US, Canada and India. With an annual revenue of over $ 225 million and growing, the Mindlance story is one of calculable achievement. What began with contingent staffing has developed to a wide-ranging portfolio of comprehensive workforce solutions. These fall under three broad offerings: specialized talent-centric staffing, diverse/under-represented talent-centric upskilling and incubation/acceleration services, along with what can be termed cost management-centric Pay+ services: Direct Sourcing, EoR/Payroll, IC Compliance and AoR.

As we grow, our commitment is to remain mindful that our actions must be a driver for balance in the work and societal ecosystem.

How We Started

So there we were in 1996, two kindergarten friends, fresh out of grad school MBAs. Alight with ideas, we were going to set the world on fire; we were going to change the way business was done. Y2K loomed, and the world of business was moving in completely unanticipated ways. We had entrepreneurial zeal and we wanted to start something new, but we also wanted to create a space where no one would be expected to play conventional roles, where we could provide intuitive solutions for the way businesses were heading. We wanted to rework “work”. We started thinking about working to offer talented professionals freedom and choices in the assignments they picked up-a kind of a freelance of the mind. In 1999, this synthesized to form our name and our calling-“Mindlance”. 

That’s where we started. Thankfully, we have not set the world on fire. But in our own way, in a way that counts for us, we are changing the way business is done.

How We Got Here