IT Solutions

Product Engineering

What It Is

Mindlance is enabling product divisions of leading industry players with core engineering talent and technical expertise for 30+ projects across five industry verticals. Our engineering services straddle the entire product development lifecycle with the right talent to drive product ideation, design, development, and sustenance.

Mindlance Technologies leverages the focused hardware and embedded expertise it employs to provide services ranging from VLSI design to Telecommunications & IoT.

Our deep expertise allows us to acquire ownership based projects and dedicated customer ODC’s (Offshore Development Centers).

What We Offer


– Board Bring-Up
– OS Porting
– Device Drivers
– Boot Loaders, Board Support Packages (BSP)
– Network Support Packages
– Wireless Connectivity
– Kernel Modules

– Graphics Framework
– Display Technologies
– Multimedia Framework Development
– HW Codec Integration/Optimization for MM Framework

– BIOS, UEFI Development
– Device Drivers for Multiple OS Flavors (Windows CE, Linux)
– IPC Layer Development
– Firmware Development

– Platform Enhancements
– TCP/IP Enhancements at L3/L4 Layers

How We Do It

Staff Augmentation / Extended Team

Mindlance sets up a team of experts, functional specialists, data experts, data scientists and software engineers in your office or our offices, and you manage the deliverables by using the team.

Managed Teams

We not only setup the team, but also manage the delivery responsibilities.

Project Delivery

Just tell us what needs to be achieved, and we deliver on a pre-agreed price and schedule.