Workforce Solutions


What It Is

Diversphere is Mindlance’s Diverse Talent Sourcing, Aggregation, Coaching, and Upskilling & Deployment offering. With the intent to leverage our last mile contingent labor program deployment contracts with large corporations, we proactively source and develop diverse talent for entry into the corporate world. Diversphere aims to reduce the opportunity gap—not only for the benefit of individuals who have been shut out of the labor market, but for society as a whole. Cultivating and investing in diverse talent can unleash regional innovation, economic growth, and community well-being.

What We Offer

Discover a diverse talent pool to provide potential to innovate, compete and thrive. Meet our talent pool, skilled and prepared to tackle the work challenges of today and the future.

Diversity leads to different perspectives and novel solutions. Bring about innovation, expand your workforce, hire people based on their skills and abilities, and make the most of the wealth that diversity brings.

Diversphere provides foundational training on the basic skills needed for our candidates to enable entry and succession in their careers across in-demand roles.

Together we can develop a valuable and successful partnership to effectively play our role in delivering customized solutions that can be tailored to suit your business and your unique needs.

It is our priority to hone skills to facilitate qualities that define good team players such as communication, time management, conflict resolution, problem solving, and increased cooperation.

We offer an opportunity for you to screen and hire before on-boarding a candidate to ensure your needs are being met to your satisfaction.

How We Do It

Strategic Partner Ecosystem

Through our strategic diversity partnerships, we provide access to over 100,000 (and growing) diverse & under-represented talent. We act as a single- source channel for clients to engage with diverse talent from several unique and often dis-connected / under-served talent pools, distressed communities underrepresented minorities (URMs) educational institutions local / regional / national community social impact and workforce development groups local / regional / national diverse STEM talent-centric upskilling and advocacy & networking organizations

Contingent Labor Operating Model

Our clients collaborate closely with Diversphere to align their recruitment model to a contingent labor fit-for-purpose model versus traditional corporate full-time recruitment model.

Process Automation

Integrated Process Automation leveraging the best-of-breed technology and workflow between our ecosystem diversity-focused advocacy / workforce development partners and Mindlance recruitment team for sourcing, screening, private talent pooling, onboarding, and dedicated candidate support and engagement life cycle management

Development of Sustainable D&I Talent Pools

Mindlance recruiters connect with diverse / under-represented applicants from partner ecosystem and assess their qualifications; thereafter match the candidate to a proactive talent pool, open client opportunity, internship program, returnship services, and/or upskilling services.

Coaching, Training and Deployment

Diversphere provides foundational training on basic soft skills, interview training and presentation skills provided to enable candidates to become career ready.

Dedicated Talent Support & Peer Network

Our team of advocates deliver a robust support system and ongoing mentorship.