Workforce Solutions

What It Is

Problem Statement: IT skill gap/talent availability is getting worse
Solution: Create new talent by providing training/upskilling where a shortage exists.

Strategic and alternate source of custom-trained U.S. Based, Visa-independent, Industry Certified talent to enterprises in 90 days
Education-to-employment opportunity for early career & under-represented talent.

What We Offer

Proven End-to-End Recruitment-Training-Deployment solution

Client-Centric Customized Curriculum Development

Multiple Technology Disciplines, with robust list of Training Capabilities

Diverse Talent Focus

How We Do It


Omni-channel recruiting, including educational institutions and online communities, with focus on diverse under-represented, economically disadvantaged STEM graduates


Rigorous pre-selection process, minimum qualification benchmarks, 3 level screening via recruiters, SME’s and managers, tested using AI technology, and client vetted candidates


Client customized curriculum, provided by current industry professionals in a combination of practical project work & theory. In-house, digital and flexible (evenings & weekends)

Value-Add Services

Video recorded for self-analysis, mock interview & resume update service. RTD model open to Non-IT skills if required, in addition to availability to upskill existing workforce in the model.


Client post training interview and contingent hire. 12 to 15 month assignments, with no fee conversion.