Our Stand on Diversity
Statement from our Founders

2020 was a year of adversities and realizations. While Covid-19 was raging across the world, the full impact of another wound at the heart of our psyche was felt simultaneously. The fact that discrimination has deprived so many Americans of equal opportunity and justice slammed home like a body blow.

The events of the year made us question the status quo. We saw the resolve and heroism of disadvantaged groups and individuals. People across the spectrum of society spoke up to challenge systemic bias and injustice. We listened to these incredibly powerful voices, and to our own inner voice. We reflected, and we came to a decision.

We have to act now.

The time for platitudes is gone. While we must not let the conversation off the table, now is the time for action. Each one of us, whatever our sphere of influence or action, needs to be an enabler for systemic diversity and democratization of opportunity.

This action is now at the very center of what we are doing at Mindlance. Being in workforce solutions is about being part of how our system distributes opportunity among groups and individuals within it, because a job is so much more than the means to earn a living. It is access to resources, social mobility and privilege. It’s about having a seat at the table, a stake and a voice. For equity, this is where we must bring systemic change. And that’s the focus of our action- to invest in change by creating pathways for diverse talent to find that deserved seat. Through our incubation and acceleration services aimed at underrepresented talent and at underserved groups and communities, we have begun to generate broader talent pipelines that prioritize diversity in all its aspects- race, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, neurodiversity, age, ethnicity and economic status. We are working to open and expand multiple channels for our clients to be able to access alternative talent pools.

We cannot continue with a system that perpetuates exclusivism. Our fullest commitment is to develop solutions and practices so that diversity becomes the norm, and inclusion the inevitable and organic outcome of the how the whole system works.

We want to be part of the process of healing. The very real experience of our interconnectedness means that we realize that humanity is one system, one organism. One part cannot thrive in isolation from the rest- everything must synergize, cohere and work together.

Wounds heal because every system in the body does its part. Every single cell carries out its vital function. The body’s innate intelligence comes into action and heals the wound. Humanity’s intelligence knows this as well. It’s in our DNA. We know the way to heal ourselves.

We have to act on it.